Check-in & Check-out times

  • Check-in time is from 12:00PM and check-out time is by 10:00AM, unless otherwise specified and confirmed by Jivagram in writing.
  • A valid government-issued identification or passport is required at check-in.

Eligible age for check-in

  • You must be at least 18 years of age to check-in and register for a room. Or, if you are a treatment seeker/ student, you must be accompanied by your parent/s.

Rates & Deposits

  • The rates quoted are based on your period of stay. Rates are subject to change as a result of changes in your arrival dates.
  • All the reservations shall be confirmed upon receiving an advance of minimum 50% amount of total expected billing amount.

Early arrival & Late departure

  • Early check-in is subject to availability of rooms and at the discretion of Jivagram management. In case of confirmed early check-in, you are advised to consider making a reservation for the evening prior to your arrival.
  • Late check-outs are available on request subject to availability of rooms and occupancy level.
  • Please check with the Front Desk at least 24 hours prior to your departure on availability of late check-out. A half-day room charge may be incurred for late check-out between 12pm to 6pm and a full day room charge may be incurred for late check-out after 6pm.

Credit card information

  • A valid credit card is required for all reservations to secure your reservation.
  • Upon reservation, credit card will be charged for the amount indicated on the booking confirmation page and email.
  • Jivagram accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express.
  • Exchange rates are applicable at time of reservation, but are subject to currency fluctuations and billing will be at the prevailing exchange rate upon completion of your stay.

Cancellation policy

  • Any cancellation received more than 15 days (inclusive) prior to your date of arrival will not incur any cancellation charges.
  • Any cancellation received 8 to 14 days (inclusive) prior to your date of arrival will incur a charge of one night of your total package.
  • Any cancellation received 0 to 7 days (inclusive) prior to your date of arrival will incur a charge of total package.
  • Any reduced stays whilst at the Jivagram will incur a charge of 100% on the total price

Group reservations

  • For reservations for groups of 10 rooms or more, please email us your requirement at jivagram@jiva.com.

Further information

  • Reservations are non-transferable. Please note, request for change in name in reservations will not be entertained.

General provisions

  • By proceeding with the reservation, you further agree and acknowledge that if the reservation is accepted by Jivagram, your stay subsequently shall be subject to Jivagram’s standard terms and conditions of stay.
  • Jivagram may, at its absolute discretion, cancel the reservation if we are of the opinion that the reservation information provided is falsified or incomplete.
  • Jivagram shall be entitled to vary, amend and/or otherwise change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. Please refer to this page for latest information on terms and conditions.
  • You shall indemnify and hold Jivagram harmless in respect to any liability, loss, damage, cost and expense of any nature arising out of, and/or in connection with the acceptance of the reservation by Jivagram.
  • Jivagram shall not be liable for any losses, damages, costs or expenses incurred by you as a result of any cancellation of the reservation by Jivagram.